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Every child from the ages of 40 days to 4 years has an equal opportunity to enjoy a friendly and warm curriculum.

Story Time

We play special attention to story time. Where children are not only read marvelous children stories but also have the chance to volunteer to read out a page to the rest of the class, fostering confidence and leadership  skills at a very young age. Mondays and Tuesdays features story hour in English and Wednesdays and Thursdays in Arabic while Sunday is reserved for a story hour in French. Stories are the building blocks of our world and give the children the ability to expand their auditive learning abilities.



         And many more!

List of Arabic stories coming soon!



     And many more!

Cartoon Hour

We also play special attention to cartoon hour. Where children have the chance to view the most enlightening cartoon movies from Pixar, Disney and other productions, fostering imagination and creativity  skills at a very young age. Mondays and Tuesdays features cartoon hour in English and Wednesdays and Thursdays in Arabic while Sunday is reserved for a cartoon hour in French. Although we do not encourage our children to spend more than one hour a day on the television, cartoon hour is a safe, fun and productive way to allow children to be used to watching only the most beneficial material and create a deep curiosity and thirst for knowledge,  and help children to expand their visual learning abilities.

Religion Hour

Religion Hour is a great opportunity to give children a head start to a religious education and upbringing. We respect the Islamic Heritage of the United Arab Emirates and appreciate the educational role Islam brings to the youth of our country. Therefore, to foster greater tolerance and respect for all religions and particularly Islam, we have included Religion Hour  twice a week. This class is voluntary and parents are free to choose whether their children to attend.

                                                                  Film and story List


    • The Prophet Muhammad’s Sira
    • The stories of the Prophets (Islamic version)
    • Ramadan (An Introduction)
    • Al Quran


    • The Festivals of Eid
    • The Hajj
    • Ibn Battuta
    • Al Rashidun


The Daily Physical

Every morning children arrive at Young World Nursery to begin a 30 minute physical warm up set of exercises.  Children will undergo an exhilarating and brief set of movements to prepare the physical body and emotional and mental centres of the child for a new day of learning.

Food and Beverage

Parents are recommended to provide lunch boxes for their children. As we are very sensitive to different diets of our children, we would ask parents to provide a diverse and balanced range of foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Please visit our  blog for the latest posts on food and nutrition to give parents full knowledge of what their child’s diet should include for the day.

Please note that we strongly are against providing soft drinks such as Coke etc according to Young World’s standard of health precautions.