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Child Education Insurance- Secure your child’s future

Child Education Insurance- Secure your child’s future

Article by Emilykatie

Think of child education insurance and the image of a happy child realizing all their aspirations comes to the mind. Children with their big dreams, great ideas, and inherent talent need a secure path which will help them to work towards their aspirations and make them come true. Keeping them financially secure especially for educational purposes are of utmost importance in today’s competitive environment. The right child education plan can be an apt solution to secure a child’s future in terms of education. With the rapid pace at which educational costs are increasing, at every level of the child’s education one needs to be ready for the expenses that come up. Right from primary education to higher studies, the educational expenses keep rising steadily. To give a child a smooth ride through the best years of their life one needs to start saving through child insurance at the earliest. Child education insurance can not only provide the child with the conventional education per say but will also take care of training them in different extracurricular activities to make them the all rounder they so aspire to be.Child life insurance can be bought by deciding on a sum to be assured and monthly or yearly premium can be set accordingly. These premiums have to be paid for the policy term. These savings can be started as early as 0 years of the child till 12 years. Child education insurance plans usually mature when the child turns 24-25. One can always opt for withdrawing after first 5 years of the policy. The sum insured is usually paid only to the beneficiary. One can fix additional optional raiders to the child education plan to enable additional fixed amount to be paid to the child every year once the plan matures. With the help of a financial advisor, one can get an idea of how much they need to save to secure their child’s future. This child life insurance has additional tax benefits which will help the beneficiary to claim as per the prevailing tax laws. Child education plan provides savings as well as protection. In case of unfortunate death of the parent, the child receives the sum assured; future premiums might be paid by the company if it is mentioned in the plan till the plan matures. Hence the child’s education and developmental needs are well taken care of. Hence starting child insurance at the earliest and being prepared for every big step in a child’s life is the best thing one can do to give their child the brightest life they wish to give.

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