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Different Stages of Child Development

Is it possible for any parent to neglect the aspect of child development? Well the answer would be a big no. Taking care of the child’s development is a major concern for every parent as it is completely related with the health and well being of the child. Every single element related with the child development comprises a lot of concern of parents. Here
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Four Ways For New Moms To Ease The Stress Of That First Day Of Day Care

The separation anxiety afflicting a parent when it’s time to drop their toddler off at day care for the first time is real and heart wrenching. Especially considering that your toddler has left the cuddly infant stage and now has a definite set of opinions. First opinion being he doesn’t want to go to day care, no how, no way. In your mind, you
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Descriptions of Ages and Stages of Child Development Vary, But Most Children Average Out in the End

Children develop at varying rates, so that any statements about normal child development must always be about averages. We use the age of a child to segment the course of development over time, but this too is not a hard-and-fast framework for describing child development. Some children may develop slowly in one segment, yet show above average growth in another. The ages and stages
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Stimulating Early Child Development and Learning

Stimulating Early Child Development and Learning Article by Joshua Jenkins Child Development and Learning Child development and learning activities are vital for stimulating both physical and mental growth of children. Early childhood educational activities and development program during the early stages can give the children the chance to develop their fullest potential. Child development and learning go hand in hand in the sense that
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Child Education Insurance- Secure your child’s future

by rosefirerising Child Education Insurance- Secure your child’s future Article by Emilykatie Think of child education insurance and the image of a happy child realizing all their aspirations comes to the mind. Children with their big dreams, great ideas, and inherent talent need a secure path which will help them to work towards their aspirations and make them come true. Keeping them financially secure
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