We care for your child as much as you do!

At Young World Nursery we strive to provide your child with the utmost care. Our social and learning environment will help your child develop key skills in social interaction and basic learning techniques. Our highly qualified caretakers and teachers provide your child with a sublime personalized care taking and learning experience.

Our Programs

Our Nursery

Our nursery is the greatest place for kids in Abu Dhabi where children from all backgrounds can play, learn, and develop integral social skills. Stars are born everyday and we find it our mission to polish and make them shine with all the happiness and love they deserve. Your kids will feel at home with us.

Our Approach

Our facilities features play corners, bouncing castles, games, desks, mini-boards, alphabet blocks etc. Moreover, we understand the importance of child interaction in and out of the classroom. We offer our little angels plenty of space to play in our playground, outdoor garden and sand pit. As part of our curriculum we provide fun and educational field trips to several public spectacles.

Our Team

Our teachers and nurses are well experienced in child care and have proven track records in the fields of medicine, nursing, education, child psychology, ethics, and languages. Even though the attention offered in reading and writing is stellar, our teachers understand the importance of nurture in any learning environment and expend all their resources in love and compassion.