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Terms of service


Fees remain payable for periods of absence as the child’s place is kept open and staff and associated costs continue to accumulate.

Administration Charges

A late child collection fee will be applied to collections after 18:30pm and will be AED 100 per breach. A returned direct debit mandate will also incur a fee of AED 100 per breach.

Age of Admittance

45 days to 4 year olds.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a childcare place requires one month’s written confirmation by either party. The only exception is failure to pay nursery fees which will result in immediate breach of contract and subsequent immediate termination of childcare place. One months’ notice is required to reduce days.

Car Park

Parents are encouraged to use the drop off zone provided. Users are asked to drive at a very slow speed and be cautious before setting off. Any vehicle relating to my family or collectors is parked in the Nursery car park at my own risk.


Young World Nursery reserves the right to make amendments to the terms and conditions of childcare without notice these are available to view online.

Child Protection

Any child who attends the Nursery, irrespective of their racial origin, gender, physical or mental impairment, class, religion or cultural background have a right to protection from neglect, physical, sexual or any other abuse and it is our priority to keep children safe from harm whilst in our care. It is our obligation to require or seek professional advice or actions from the local social services team if we suspect a child is suffering from harm.

Clothing and Personal Property

The Nursery does not accept responsibility for loss or damage of personal property brought on to the premises by children or parents. Parents are requested to send children in easily washable, clearly labelled clothing which is appropriate to the weather conditions. Please discourage your child from bringing items of value to the Nursery.


If you have any concern or complaint please make it without delay to the Nursery Manager. Should you not be completely happy with the outcome it is within your rights to contact the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Criminal Records Bureau

All Young World Nursery Staff are fully cleared by the UAE Criminal Records Bureau. This clearance last for 3 years however our staff sign an annual disclaimer stating if there have been any change since their last clearance.

Delivery and Collection of Children

Children should be delivered by parents/carers into the care of a Nursery Staff Member and entered into the attendance register. Children will not be released into the care of anyone other than those named on the registration form unless authorized by the parents personally, by telephone or in writing. In addition, a personal visit of introduction by the parents, of anyone who will be collecting the child on occasions is encouraged so we are able to confirm their identity.


The Nursery has a written policy available to view on child behavior management. The use of any form of physical chastisement, verbal humiliation, or aggressive handling of a child is not acceptable at the Nursery.

Emergency Medical Treatment

Any child who attends Nursery and has an accident whilst in our care will be given basic first aid treatment by staff. This will include the treatment of minor cuts, bumps or bruises. All Parents will be informed and required to sign the accident book. In the case of a more serious accident or incident a child will be taken immediately to a doctor or the nearest hospital and parents will be informed. Any emergency treatment or medical advice will be permitted unless a parent states in writing otherwise. The Nursery does not accept any responsibility for treatment given against parents’ wishes if we have not been informed otherwise.


The Nursery is open for 38 weeks of the year plus 5 weeks summer camp. Please refer to the nursery’s calendar for all holidays.

Hours of Opening

The Nursery is open Sunday to Thursday from 7.00am to 2.00pm, with an optional 2.00pm opening and 6.00pm closure on request.

Meals (Food and Nutrition)

Parents are encouraged to send well balanced meals providing them with an essential daily intake. Breakfast and Lunch will have to be provided by the parents (Snacks should also be provided for the late stay children). Junk foods such as chocolate, chips, sodas or any sort of energy drinks, are all not allowed.

Medical Fee

An annual medical fee of AED500 is required upon confirmation of your childcare place. This is refundable only if your child does not join the nursery.

Milk Feeds and Nappies

Formula bottle feeds should be supplied, prepared and labelled by parents and brought to the Nursery each day where they will be stored at the correct temperature until required. Bottles will be rinsed and sent home every evening for sterilization. Parents are asked to provide supplies of their preferred nappies when required. These will be tagged with each child’s name.

Non Payment of Fees

Non-payment of fees by the first day of term will result in termination of your childcare contract and loss of childcare place.

Off Premises Visits

Staff will occasionally take the children for walks or visits off premises during the course of their sessions in accordance with statutory staffing requirements.

Payment of Fees

Payment of fees to be paid in AED dirhams, termly before the first day of term by direct debit or direct transfer to:

Bank Name:Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
Bank account name: Young World Nursery
Bank account number:
IBAN Number:

Postponement Policy

If you postpone your start date at nursery, you will be required to pay a holding fee of 50% of your monthly invoice. Should an immediate start place be held on our waiting list, you will unfortunately lose your right to this place and be placed back on the waiting list for your new start dates.


Young World Nursery operate a first come first served policy. Should you postpone your start date after registering your place for instance in the case of extended maternity leave, you will be required to pay a 50% holding fee for the duration of the postponement.

Registration Fee

A non-refundable registration fee of AED1000 is required upon confirmation of your childcare place.

Tuition Fee

AED 2,500 (monthly) applicable at the beginning of each month.

Late Stay Charge

AED 10 / hr


The Nursery reserves the right to refuse to accept children until the Nursery is satisfied they are not infectious. This is to protect other children from cross infection. If your child is suffering from a doubtful rash, sore throat, discharge from the eyes or nose or diarrhoea please keep the child at home until the doctor has certified that the symptoms have disappeared.

If your child is prescribed antibiotics, please keep them at home until 24 hours dosage has been administered in case of adverse reaction to the medication. Antibiotics and medicines will only be administered by Nursery staff after the child has been taking them for more than 24 hours at home, and only then with written authorization from the parents.

The Nursery will make every effort to notify parents should their child become sick at the Nursery. Senior staff reserves the right to remove the child to hospital in an emergency.

Solicitation of Staff

It is strictly forbidden for parents to approach staff with offers of employment directly. Should any member of staff leave to commence employment for a parent they will be invoiced for the annual training costs incurred plus the recruitment costs for their replacement.

Term Dates

Current academic term dates are from September – June and are published online at http://www.youngworldnursery.com/

Termination of Contract

If you no longer wish to maintain your child’s place at the Nursery you will be required to give one calendar months’ notice in writing and full fees will be charged for that period. The proprietors reserve the right to exclude a child from Nursery for any breach of contract.