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Stages of Child Development

Stages of Child Development Article by Mikael Masse Stages of Child Development – Family Though the boundaries of these stages shift over time as researchers find new understandings of how a children develop as the times changes. 1. The Three Broad Stages of Child Development (Physical) Early Childhood – from birth to 8 years This is the fast-paced stage of child development in terms
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Understanding Child Development Stages as an Aid to the Assessment of Child Growth

Childhood is a period of a person’s life starting from birth to pre-adolescence, or from 0 months old to about the age of 8 or 9 years old. During this period of time the child grows and develops in body, intelligence, emotion, and social behavior. While children grow and develop at different rates, altogether, their levels of growth and development may be assessed along
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Different Stages of Child Development

Is it possible for any parent to neglect the aspect of child development? Well the answer would be a big no. Taking care of the child’s development is a major concern for every parent as it is completely related with the health and well being of the child. Every single element related with the child development comprises a lot of concern of parents. Here
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Descriptions of Ages and Stages of Child Development Vary, But Most Children Average Out in the End

Children develop at varying rates, so that any statements about normal child development must always be about averages. We use the age of a child to segment the course of development over time, but this too is not a hard-and-fast framework for describing child development. Some children may develop slowly in one segment, yet show above average growth in another. The ages and stages
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