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Infant Safety – My Top Ten Nursery Safety Tips

Infant Nursery

Your baby’s safety should be your first priority when you plan and set up your baby nursery ready for your new little one.

When she enters this world kicking and screaming she will be relying on you to keep her just as safe and sound as she was while she was being carried around inside you.

Here are my top ten tips for making sure your nursery is safe.

1. Use a Comprehensive Safety Checklist

It’s easy to overlook potential hazards or mistakenly purchase unsafe baby gear. The best way to make sure you have done everything to keep your baby safe in the nursery is to use a nursery safety checklist.

2. Make Sure Your Crib is Safe

The best way to do this is to look for a crib with JPMA certification. This will ensure that the crib meets the minimum safety requirements promulgated by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), as well as voluntary safety standards issued by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

These standards are stricter and safer than the mandatory CPSC baby crib safety standards. Also check for yourself that the crib is sturdy and well made.

3. Be Careful About Crib Placement

Your baby’s crib should be placed away from windows, heaters, cords, appliances, lamps, power outlets and other furniture. Basically your baby should not be able to get his hands on anything outside the crib and he should not be able to reach anything he can climb on.

4. Mattresses

Make sure your crib mattress fits snugly and remove the plastic covering.

5. Use A Sound And Movement Monitor

Having a sound monitor in your nursery room enables you to move around the home while still being able to monitor baby wherever he is.

No need to worry that you won’t hear him when he wakes.

Movement, or apnea monitors check baby’s breathing. An alarm goes off if baby does not inhale for an extended period — usually twenty seconds. Often cited as a preventative measure against SIDS, these monitors do not necessarily prevent SIDS, but they do provide peace of mind. If all is quiet, you know baby’s OK.

6. Be Careful About What You Put In The Crib

Make sure there are no pillows, soft toys or puffy bedding in the crib when your baby goes to sleep. Remove anything that could block her nose and cause suffocation.

7. No Trailing Cords

Make sure all window and appliance cords are wound up or tied against walls out of your baby’s reach.

8. Heavy Furniture

Strap all heavy furniture such as armoires and dressers to the wall to prevent tipping.

9. Changing Tables

The safest changing tables have a rail around at least three sides and safety straps. Use these every time you change your baby.

10. Recalls

Send in the product registration card you receive with every item of furniture you purchase to make sure you are notified in the event of a recall. Also check the list of recalled baby products regularly to make sure that any furniture, equipment or toys that you are using or may be thinking of purchasing are not included on the list.

Remember, these are just the top ten things you should know about nursery safety. Make sure you have everything covered by using a complete nursery safety checklist when you set up your nursery.

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