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Child Care Options

Child care comes in many forms these days.  From nannies to home day care to formal facilities and even preschool style daycares, the options can be daunting.  Each child is unique and as such there is no universal solution that applies to all children.  Each environment offers pros and cons that will fit each child separately and distinctively.

For those lucky enough to stay at home with their children in the early years, that time will always be cherished.  For the majority of families, however, both parents need to work and child care must be found.  Nannies offer child care in your own home, giving children the comfort of the familiar.  Nannies can be quite expensive, costing anywhere from $ 400-$ 100 a week.  Also, employers are expected to pay their employment and social security taxes.  Because of these high costs, one suggestion may be to pool together other families looking for nannies and pay one nanny to watch multiple children.  Also, providing live in services can also bring down the cost of nannies.  Having a nanny at the home will provide one on one attention for your child, but on the flip side will also limit the amount of social development a child might have in a group setting.


A home daycare is another childcare option to look into.  Home daycares are small and cozy, with only a handful of children depending on the age – less if they are caring for infants.  A proper home day care will be licensed through the state and many can be found through your state’s government website The benefits of a home day care offer an at home style setting, even if it’s not your home.

This will provide a comfort to children, keeping them from being overwhelmed by too many other kids or a large facility.  Home daycares will offer a small company of children for interaction and social development.  Home daycares are often less disciplined than their larger counterparts and are comparable to group babysitting services.  Pricing, however, is often less expensive than the larger facilities.


An established day care center will have more children, but also more workers.  A day care center will have a strict schedule as it is the only way to manage so many children at once.  This environment would accustom a child to what a school day would be like.  These larger facilities are often fun for children as their schedules revolve around projects and events planned throughout the year.  A traditional day care center will be more expensive than a home daycare usually, but offers more in the way of entertainment and interaction.  Look for day cares that offer preschool programs as well so that your child may grow within hat facility without having to switch before school.

Every child is different and every child care option should be investigated when the time comes to choosing who will watch in inevitable help raise your child.  In the end, the choice you make must be what is best for you and your child.


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