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Ayurveda for Child Development – For A Balanced and Healthy Society

Ayurveda for Child Development – For A Balanced and Healthy Society

Article by SN Ayurveda

Attaining a healthy, vitalized, and peaceful society has always been the ultimate motive of Ayurveda. It has always believed in healing as well as maintaining a good health. So, it clearly depicts that conceiving and bringing up a child in a completely healthy environment, and letting him to receive proper guidelines for lifestyle and diet with Ayurveda for child development, will assure the achievement of a peaceful and healthy society.

Long before the actual birth of the child, Ayurveda instructs ways for its care. Furnishing a great significance to this, Ayurveda has dedicated Kaumarbhartya, one of its eight branches to this subjectConception

Healthy parents will only lead to a balanced and healthy Prakriti or ayurvedic constitution of any child. So, ayurveda for child development suggest that prior to conception both the parents should have physical systems cleared of ama, balanced doshas, and high quality ojas. Besides, high quality sattva guna and highly spiritual temperament of both is also indispensable. During pregnancy the mother’s diet, regime, emotional stability, and lifestyle should be given prime concern.


Building immunity of the child is crucial and so are the ways like oil massage or Snehana with bala tail. Ghee and honey mixture should be preferred in the next days. Ayurveda for child development depicts massaging of herbs with oil, all over the baby’s body is especially more beneficial, as its skin has greater permeability.

Psychological Development

Ayurveda clearly reveals protection of child from any sort of emotional trauma is indispensable for development of a happy, confident child. So, the environmental aspects must be given a prime concern for bringing up a child. Playing not only has a great impact on child’s physical development rather it also let them explore the world all around them and to learn fundamental truths of life.

Ayurvedic Tonics

Besides enhancing child’s strength of fighting a disease, the Ayurvedic tonic furnishes supplementary nutrition so that their intelligence level is enhanced and they are agile in learning new skills. Gold Swarna Bhasma can be taken with a paste of Brahmi, Sankhapushpi, with honey and ghee, for boosting up the general immunity and to attain a great level of intelligence in the child.Alike are the incredible power of jatamansi, vaca, satavari, apamarg, brahmi, sariva, haridra, pippali, saindhava, kushtha, and honey that are greatly beneficial for usual infections of cold, cough, chest and asthma. Greatly nutritious and strengthening for any child or even adult is intake of ghee that is medicated with ashwagandha’s paste and milk. These not only fight against the possible diseases or disorders, rather they also have a great positive impact on a child’s immunity enhancement.

Ayurveda for child development is bent upon the concept that it compares development of child to planting and flourishing a tree that needs land’s preparation (healthy uterus), seeds of good quality (sperm and ovum), correct time (fertile period) for sowing seeds, watering the plant, and protecting it from several harmful conditions (parental care). Ayurveda stresses on each and every of these aspects for proper development of a child, negligence in any one of which can lead to great serious imbalance in children.


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